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By Michael Wertz

I’m going to take a position here that I can tell you at least some guys will disagree with but here it is: Birkenstocks are the worst. It doesn’t matter the cut, what else you’re wearing, or the event you’re wearing them too, Birkenstocks are the least flattering shoe this side of those ridiculous five-toed shoes. They are a high risk no reward type of shoe meaning that there is a better than average chance that they will ruin whatever else you’re wearing while the best case “reward” scenario is that they will go unnoticed. So, who are these guys that will disagree with this position ? I’ll tell who: guys who wear Birkenstocks that’s who. You know who those guys turn out to be? Guys who wear black socks with sandals. Thats what Birkenstocks are, a gateway shoe to a life spent with that dude. You’re better than that. 

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