A Guy’s Opinion | Crop Tops

By Michael Wertz

“Ugh,  another pretty girl in a sexy crop top. I wish they would stop wearing those things.” said exactly no guy ever in the history of both guys and crop tops. What is there to not like? Crop tops reveal enough skin to make us conscious that our stolen glance may have lingered  juuuuust a bit too long but not so long  that anyone needs to feel creepy about it. Plus, we’ve all seen that girl who can wear a crop top without seeming as though she is trying to be sexy, which is actually the sexist thing of all. Of course, that leads me to the caveat: Crop tops are not for everyone. No, I’m not going where you think I’m going and saying that only skinny girls should wear them. Nope. The warning here is, don’t put on a crop top and feel like now you have to “be sexy”. Put one on and be yourself. Anything other than is truly revealing, and not in a good way. 


Check out what men think when women walk arm in arm.



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