A Guy’s Opinion | Gingham Print

Gingham-Print-Scarllett-MagazineBy Michael Wertz

Ok. Confession time. I’m willing to bet all of the money in Oprah’s purse that most  guys can’t tell you what gingham print is and most of the ones who think they know thought you actually said “gangnam” and are already doing the dance. Hell, even after you show them a photo, the first thing that will come to mind for the average guy is “tablecloth”. The point is, guys don’t think a whole lot about gingham print, or really, to be honest any print at all. That’s because guys think in terms of cut, not print. If a piece fits well and flatters the woman, then she could be wearing anything from gingham print to gingerbread and we’ll be cool with it as look as it fits well. 

Check out what men think about the oversized floppy hats trend.


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