A Guy’s Opinion | Overalls


By Michael Wertz

When we see a woman who takes overalls all the way- sneakers, ball cap, a smile- we automatically think “finally, a super chill girl who looks fun and can probably throw a spiral.” But when we see overalls paired with a more formal coat and dressy jacket? Well now we’re confused. At best, you were running late, didn’t have time to change and creatively made the best of a tough situation. At worst? You’re one of those girls who takes two hours to look like you got ready in ten minutes. you’re leaving it to your audience to decide which one you might be. What can I tell you that you didn’t already know? We don’t like unnecessary complexity. If you’re doing overalls, keep it classic with a pair of chucks, colorful shades, nice legs, and your throwing arm.

Check out what men think about the oversized floppy hats trend.


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