A Guy’s Opinion | Oversized Floppy Hats

By Michael Wertz

Oversized floppy hats are one of those overwhelmingly girly yet non-sexy  affectations that just make guys shrug their shoulders the same way we do when you insist that there is a crucial difference between blue-green and aqua-green. No, no we get it: one makes your nails “pop” while the other makes them “sparkle.” If you see a difference then by all means pop, or sparkle, or neither—whatever. The point is that its just so ornamental, that its hard to care.

Oversized-Floppy-Hats-Scarllett-MagazineFloppy hats are kind of like throw pillows; they’re not much use nor do they grab our attention but you seem to really like the , so fine. Just be advised that they make it really hard for us to make eye contact with you and offer to buy you a drink or give you a winning smile as a sign that we’d like to talk to you. Wait, was that the plan all along? 


Check out what men think about the coats worn over shoulders trend.


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