American Girl Gone Boho

Americana Girl


Americana is what this girl is all about and she feels everyone should eat, drink, and be merry! It’s not Independence day…but she’s quite the independent woman and not afraid to show it. She’s concise and to the point. Not ashamed to show some leg, though her lace up boots offer a nice balance. A silk blouse never hurt anybody and always adds a nice finishing touch. Her mahogany jewel tones match her leather jacket that she can’t live without. What’s better than putting on a silk blouse and a pair of ripped shorts…nothing. Less is more and that’s the clear message here. Her sunglasses and her hat of choice complete her look. This girl is comfortable in her own skin and well put together without worry. She did wake up like this…the question is where is she headed before she falls asleep…only time will tell, but she’s dressed and ready to conquer the day!


The list:

Chloé white silk top
$715 –

Fringe jacket
$1,085 –

Ripped denim shorts

Yves Saint Laurent black knee high boots
$1,345 –

Bohemia crossbody travel purse
$130 –

Samantha Wills bohemian jewelry

1928 purple pendant necklace

Janessa Leone floppy hat

Rayban military sunglasses
$215 –

Christmas wall art

Boho Rhapsody


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