A Tour On The Celebrity Cruises Infinity Ship

By Priya Sachdeva

Photos by Michael Moore

The famous San Francisco Pier had a pleasant and prominent guest recently. It was not the sea lions or crowds of tourists, rather the stunning Celebrity Cruises line parked at San Francisco’s new cruise terminal, before scores of cruise-goers were about to set sail on an Alaskan adventure. Living the celebrity life is no easy feat, but with the opulence and pizazz of Celebrity Cruises Infinity Ship, it can be a reality.

Celebrity Cruises Infinity Ship offer six types of suites, each with it’s own unique design, décor, style, and elite benefits, such as private restaurants, stunning personalized suites and a personal concierge.

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Dining on the boat is another story. After having been treated to a 3-course lunch on the boat before it set sail, I was fully assured the cruise’s clssic, yet modern menus created by curated James Beard chefs were a work of art (not to mention the amazing seaside views from your table. The ship’s wine offerings are curated and awarded among the best of all cruise lines, competing with fine-dining restaurants alike.

If eating and enjoying the most quality of experiences, the Celebrity Cruises Infinity Ship far exceed any night out on the town. The onboard entertainment includes various high-energy productions channel the flair of Vegas and the music and song of New York Broadway. If you don’t fancy a show, Celebrity Cruises have so much vacation to offer to anyone who should decide to come aboard, including: a fully-stocked casino, live music and chic lounges, fine art and photography all around the boat, world-class shopping and several other activities to suffice any recreational craving. And if that isn’t enough, you can always relax…!

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