Chef Koochooloo : Fashion Mom Launches A Cooking App For Kids

By Priya Sachdeva

The Silicon Valley marketing professional Layla Sabourian, mom to the world’s youngest entrepreneur, Delarai Tarwe, often struggled to find time with her daughter, while cooking a healthy meal for her family and overseeing her education at the same time. Like most parents, she understood how crucial it is that family time spent together is positive and enriching– so she launched Chef Koochooloo.

Chef Koochooloo Will Revolutionize Your Kids’ Health & Happiness

This innovative program merges education and cooking to help you spend quality time with your kids, while teaching them about the world – all without leaving your kitchen!

Chef Koochooloo makes sharing meal preparation easy and fun. The recipe instructions are split between Little Chef and Big Chef duties guiding parents and educators to safely involve their children in the kitchen. In contrast to passively receiving a plate of food, your children become active participants in the art of meal making. Even the most discerning eaters are more likely to try their creations.

Chef Koochooloo cares about global causes so the content draws your attention to issues affecting children around the world. Each recipe/lesson plan provides you with the resources to explore these topics and ways to take action. Teach your children about refugees in Europe, child abduction in Mexico or gender inequality in Iran, in age appropriate ways, and encourage them to take action.

Our 40-year-old super hero mom, just launched her Indiegogo campaign, on the same date she adopted an adorable African American 2 day old baby. So with her limited time on Marketing, she could really use our help in making Chef Koochooloo a reality all over the world. .

According to Layla, if you feel that spending quality time with your kids is important, you’re already part of the Chef Koochooloo team.

Support her campaign to raise funds and grow this great idea here.


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