Spotlight On Cleare Maddicen: A Brand That Is Changing Fashion In Mexico

These two women saw an opportunity to change lives and took it.  We were very excited to interview two women who are slowly, but surely shaping the future of Mexico through their brand Cleare Maddicen. Karen Iredy, visionary designer, and Alix Moyrón, business woman, had the dream to create a business with a social impact. Despite their differences, they had a common goal to make an impact in people’s lives and bring change to Mexico.

There are many reasons to start a business and dive into entrepreneurship, every entrepreneur knows that passion and hard work is not all it takes, there’s more….obsession and blind faith in the cause or problem you are solving. These women believed they could raise awareness within the female communities, teach the importance of  environmental change and leave a mark on their country.  Cleare Maddicen, is an innovative company that manufactures handbags with recycle materials, specially plastic. Their designs are unique and the purpose of the brand is to change the low value that people associate to recycled materials and turn them into higher value items. Karen, Alix and Miguel, their angel investor, were proud  to create a product that didn’t generate more pollution but instead can be recycled and part of an entirely new craft.

Cleare Maddicen collageCleare Maddicen’s philosophy is that you can wear a high fashion handbag and at the same time be conscious of our environment and current situation of our planet.


We interview with Alix Moyrón, to find out more about the brand.

How many plastic bags go into creating a clutch?

We need approximately 2.22 Ib of recycled Tr (Termoplastic) to create one clutch.

Where do you guys source the plastic bags?

The plastic that we use is termoplastic and is regularly used in the automotive and footwear industry. The most popular plastics Tr recycled come from shoes soles or front bumpers.

What’s the biggest challenge you face in the business?

The biggest challenge  is to find Cleare Maddicen’s essence, to position our brand in the market, and also to convey trust  to our clients as a startup brand.

We always knew that we wanted to be an eco-fashion brand and that all our products had to be made of recycled materials. At the beginning we couldn’t make our dream come true because we did not have enough capital and infrastructure.

It was not until 6 months later when we met our co-founder Miguel Carrillo , that things picked up, he supported us intensely, working on the project, and providing capital to fulfill Cleare Maddicen’s mission


Do you guys ship locally or internationally?

We are currently selling in boutiques across 10 cities in Mexico, and we want to expand to the US market. Very soon we will be able to ship to the USA.


What’s the price range?

Our price range is around 60 to 80 dollars which reflects the labor that goes into crafting such products.


Where can our fashionistas snatch a bag?

Fashionistas can find us on all social networks and on our website.

To wrap-up, what’s the long term vision and your hopes for the brand?

We want to see a Cleare Maddicen grow as a worldwide brand. We want to generate an impact to many women and create awareness to  our ecosystem  by giving them a different perspective on the world of fashion, and  that they can be both stylish and contribute to rescuing our planet.


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  1. It’s fascinating how something so beautiful can be made of recycled materials. Undoubtedly this is what happens when you combine talent, passion and a burning desire backed by faith.

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