A Guy’s Opinion | Coats Worn Over Shoulders Trend


by  Michael Wertz

I’m going to be honest with you here ladies, we neither understand nor care about the coats worn over shoulders trend. We know you probably put a lot of thought into which jacket to wear taking into account how it will drape and flow and thats cool,  really, we appreciate it I guess. But when we see you walking with a your jacket dangling like a cape,  we are honestly just wondering (to the extent we are thinking about it at all): is she slightly too cold or slightly too hot? I suppose this look helps us out a little since it means that we don’t have to carry your coat all day (seriously, should I open a window…or should I close it?) but in terms of actual appearance? Whatever. Just let us know when the temperature has changed by plus/minus three degrees so we can hold your jacket again (or give it back…either way).

So ladies, comment below and tell us why you love the coats worn over shoulders trend?

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