A Guy’s Opinion | Culottes


By Michael Wertz

These are one of those items that guys never think about on their own. You’re never going to overhear a bunch of dudes saying , “I just wish I could meet a girl who wears those really baggy, short pants.” Not happening. However, it’s not because we don’t like them, it’s just that culottes are one of those purely feminine affectations that just don’t exist in a male mind who is  preoccupied with football, chicken wings. Hhow many more wears can be squeezed out those jeans before they really need to be washed. The plus side is when we do notice them, we really notice them. How can you not? They are the pants that a super confident and stylish cool chick wears. We may forget the pants later but we’ll remember the woman wearing them. 

Check out what men think about the birkenstocks trend.


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