It Girl Ally Noriega of Allyson in Wonderland

We caught up with it girl Ally Noriega, the creator of the blog Allyson in Wonderland and asked her all the questions you’d want to ask every fashionista with impeccable style! 
SM: Who is your style Icon and why?
AN: Miroslava Duma, because she always looks perfectly put together.  And she’s short just like me!
SM: What inspired you to start blogging?  
AN: Not having a creative outlet and living in a city without a large fashion scene.
SM: Name one accessory that you just cannot live without?  
AN: Sunglasses
SM: What is your favorite piece in your closet?  
AN: Probably my Mother and Grandmother’s vintage bags.
SM: Who is your favorite designer and why?  
AN: That is too hard!  I was married in McQueen so I’ll go with that.
SM: What is one piece (garment) that you don’t own, but would love to?
AN: A sateen black Burberry trench.
SM: What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
AN: Do the September magazine issues count?
SM: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be?
AN: Karl Lagerfeld
SM: What is the one thing someone would ‘not’ know about you when first meeting you?
AN: That I deeply care about art, fashion, and the business behind them.  Blogging can come off as vapid and people don’t realize it truly is a business. While I fell into blogging every day I’m trying to take it a step further.  I’m always working on that next step and we’ll just have to see what happens next!
SM: If you could only pick one, which do you prefer?
– Taylor Swift or Britney Spears — Brit Brit.
– Chocolate or Chips — Chocolate all day everyday.
– Long Hair or Short Hair — somewhere in the middle
– Phone or Text — Texting
– Lipstick or Mascara — Lipstick.  It instantly brightens your face.
– New York or Los Angeles — NYC because I like to walk.
– Brunette or Blonde — Both.
– Sex and the City or Friends — SATC
– Shopping or Borrowing — depends
– Cocktails or Coffee — coffee in the morning and cocktails at night
– Morning or Night — I’ll always be a night owl

As a child, Ally was always a dreamer, fast forward to today and she named her blog after her childhood nickname (and we adore it!). She still finds herself day dreaming of the perfect outfit everyday and loves sharing those unique and accessible fashion ideas with her readers.

Be sure to check out Ally’s blog at to follow her personal style journey, what life brings, and all the inspiration along the way.
You can find Ally on: twitter | instagram | facebook | pinterest | pose 
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