Lisa Todd | What Women Want

By Jia Wertz

Getting dressed in the morning just got even more exciting! Lisa Todd renowned not only  for trendy cashmere/knit sweaters staples, but also for making you FEEL super comfortable with butter like soft materials! Check out their collection and you will instantly love the fun and vibrant look that is sure to be a conversation starter no matter where you go.


Lisa and Cory said, “During 20 years of owning and running premium women’s clothing stores we’ve learned that what the fashion industry is making, and what the women want, are two very different things. We want what makes us look and feel delicious.”

In addition, they mention that women buy plenty of clothes but only wear a handful, a problem that has been depicted in memes and quotes all over Instagram. People fall for trends, but those trends rarely become the things that are loved and cherished. Their promise is to create beautiful garments that become a wardrobe favorite: the go-to, luxurious, comfortable, perfect fitting, and feel good (all the time) pieces.


No more deciding between cute and dressy or casual and comfortable, now you can have both. And who doesn’t want it all?! Lisa Todd celebrates style by designing fun tops with adorable graphics and mixed patterns. Wearable for all ages, wake up and get dressed with a smile on your face; it’s now or never.

It’s rate that have I seen a collection that brings sophistication and fun together in such timeless pieces. With price points between $60-$125, this line is perfect for the professional woman who wants statement pieces that will make her wardrobe to stand out.




Speaking to your unique Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle sense.

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