Madly In Love With Glam

Madly in love

“This special edition is for the those “Madly in love.” Ladies, if you are feeling sexy inside and want to go out on the town to the ballet well we have helped you select the perfect mates. The see-through dress is an ensemble that most people will stay away from, though we have carefully chosen a dress that appeals to a broad audience. The city of glamour is Paris, so ladies take note when planning a nice getaway! Her look is savvy and so is her persona. From floral decorations to wearing a Tiara as an accented headpiece, this woman is dynamite and ready to walk the red carpet. We’ve shown you how you can completely dress up the mahogany fringe leather coat in style. It’s an unexpected look, but works for the woman who has the courage to pull it off. The jacket creates a level of comfort, where as the rest of the look is quite appealing and can be taken serious. And not to mention…that when wearing this look the outing must be special…it’s not for everyone!”

The List:

Oscar de la renta dress

Fringe jacket

Alexander mcqueen handbag

Michael aram tray


Speaking to your unique Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle sense.

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