A Guy’s Opinion | Sneakers With Dresses

Sneakers with Dresses

by Michael Wertz

From our point of view, sneakers with a dress means the possibility of three things, all of them good. First, if we are going to a place where you can wear sneakers, even with a dress, then that means we are definitely in the clear to wear sneakers too. We like going any place where we can still wear sneakers. Second, sneakers = sports. We like sports. You wear sneakers. We like you more. We’re not all that complicated. The one exception here is if your sneakers just remind us of the game we’re missing. If that’s the case, just put on basketball shoes. That is such a cool and underutilized look that we’ll be totally fine with seeing you in Jordans instead of, well, Jordan. Third, as much as we love when you dress hot, you’re still sexiest when you’re cool and nothing is cooler than a girl in dope sneakers.


Speaking to your unique Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle sense.

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