Sonoma International Film Festival Premiere : “Dior and I”

By Priya Sachdeva

It was with great anticipation that we attended the renowned Sonoma International Film Festival Premiere of “Dior and I” this year. As we arrived, we were stricken by the joyful atmosphere that surrounded the event. A full agenda was awaiting: Movie premieres, live music and mingling with la crème de la crème of the movie industry.
Sonoma International Film Festival Premiere of "Dior and I" _1 Sonoma International Film Festival Premiere of "Dior and I" _2
Sonoma International  Film Festival Premiere of "Dior and I" _3 Sonoma International Film Festival Premiere of "Dior and I" _4
As the premier of “Dior and I” kicked off , we were in complete admiration. Celebrity Cruises welcomed guest with  Sonoma’s Breathless sparkling wine and a gift bag for all attendees. Brenda Zarate, Director of Christian Dior San Francisco was also in attendance to witness one the main highlights of the evening: the premier of Dior and I, a fashion documentary on fashion icon Christian Dior.
The film begins, ever so teasingly, with an open window to the past.  A candid representation of what made and still makes CD a power fashion brand. The fmovie gives an exclusive  behind the scene access to the craftsmanship but also a look at the master mind behind Dior’s first ever collection : The passion, the doubts, the hard work that build to the ultimate show. 

We appreciated the authenticity with which the producer: Frederic Tcheng represented the fashion industry, the film was shot in French (English subtitles) and focused on the core subject: Fashion, never falling into the typical stereotypes that we tend to see in fashion related films. He made it a point to show the emotion that goes into the craft of each garment, the attention to detail and the constant pursuit of excellence. This is one of those rare films that leaves you mesmerized and full of admiration for Dior….Enough said (we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you! ). The movie is now available on screens and you can watch trailer here. 


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