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semolina flan with berries (vegan friendly)

To make flan, bring soy milk to the boil. Season the milk with vanilla sugar, a dash of cinnamon, tonka bean, cardamom and salt. Slowly pour sugar and semolina into soy milk while whisking to combine. Reduce on low heat for 20 minutes stirring occasionally with a spoon so semolina doesn’t stick. Add lemon rind and dried cranberries. When finished spoon in glasses. Allow the flan to cool for one hour in the fridge.

Meanwhile marinate the berries with lemon juice and rose blossom water. Serve the flan with whipped soy cream. Garnish with berries and peppermint leaves.

Tip: Non vegan friendly substitute soy milk for milk and cream. Each berry and fruit in season can be taken.

Shopping list for 4 serves:
Semolina: 150 g or 5 oz.
Baking Ingredient & Spices: 1 tbsp. vanilla sugar, 8 tbsp. sugar
Fruits, Berries: 1 lemon, 150 g or 5 oz. red currants, 250 g or 8 oz. blackberries, 5 tbsp. of dried cranberries
Spices & Blossom Water: Cinnamon, tonka bean, cardamom, salt, 1-2 tbsp. rose blossom water
Soy Milk: 1.5 l or 3 lb., 1 cup whipped soy cream
Herbs: 1 bunch peppermint


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