Valentino Goes Zoolander

Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week Zoolander 2 At The Paris Fashion Week

By Priya Sachdeva

This year, Paris Fashion Week was extra “really, really good looking” with a hilariously, fashionable finale with the one and only Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (of 2001’s blockbuster hit Zoolander) in full character. The winning, Blue Steel moment certainly stole one of high fashion’s most sought after show wearing pieces from Valentino’s stunning collection.
The fashionable male god-like duo caught all eyes as their epic, final walk including grabbing the phone of front-row attendees for an infamous “selfie.” The surprise cameo strut their stuff in the announcement of the sequel of the film, Zoolander 2, which is said to hit US theatres on February 12, 2016.

Although, Zoolander became the main focal point of the show, Valentino did not fail to be one of PWF’s most memorable shows. With fashion’s hottest catwalkers, like Cara Delevigne, who made a quick change from Chanel’s show to attend the Valentine show, caused bubbling rumors about her possible appearance in Zoolander 2.

The show brought us back to basics by beginning in mainly monochrome, black-and-white patterned looks, and progressed to various other looks including long, beaded gowns and trenches, feather prints and dragon motifs. Things definitely got funky and fresh with the potpourri of design, including with appearances of sheer pieces the illustrious appearance of gowns. Valentino effortlessly created a luscious story of elegant, spontaneous pieces displaying higher than high, high fashion (with a Hollywood finale to remember forever!)



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