by Michael Wertz

This depends on context. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate our thoughts during these scenarios:

Scene 1: You and your friends are taking selfies in the middle of the lounge and then immediately posting them to instagram while ignoring the guys who can’t even get to the bar you’re blocking to buy you a drink. Guys think: Morons.

Scene 2: You take selfie after selfie of you essentially making the same face over and over again until you find the one that shows you being “sexy without trying”. Guys think: I just watched you try five times. Self-centered moron.

Scene 3: You take a selfie showing a sense of humor or at least some level of self-awareness that selfie taking is the equivalent of saying “please look at me”.  Guys think: “That’s funny that she took a selfie holding a bottle of Jameson under the nose of the dude passed out on the floor. Cool chick.”

Scene 4: You take a selfie wearing nothing and then send it to him. Guys think: Its on.

From our point of view, the best selfies are the ones that show a little personality other than “aren’t I cool”.  Its best to avoid them and just enjoy the company you’re in but if you must, try to be funny.


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