What’s Sexy On Him This Summer

By Priya Sachdeva
Summer Lovin’ happened so fast…they say summer is the best time to fall in love or at the least have a few swoon-worthy crushes to daydream. So, let’s take a look at what’s sexy on him this summer (or at least what we wish he would wear).
You never know who you might meet going stag to a summer wedding or BBQ at your buddy’s place. Start with a crisp, white shirt. Nothing is as timeless and complimentary in making a guy looks like he knows fashion (whether that’s the case or not!) A truly versatile piece to any wardrobe, consider pairing one with a bright pair of long shorts perfect for a summer day or night. It shows you aren’t afraid of a little fashionable risk. This year, the “casual formal” trend took New York Fashion Week runways by storm as high-end designers toyed with something fresh and new – try adding a semi-formal shoe to build a dynamic look. Something unexpected always leaves a lasting impression!
What's Sexy On Him This Summer


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