Why We Love Runway Passport

By Caity Shreve

For fashion lovers who want to make a unique statement, support up-and-coming designers, and learn the story behind their clothing, there’s a website that you should be familiarizing yourself with these days.

What makes Runway Passport unique? In a consumer driven world that’s plagued by quantity over quality, being in a position to get to know the brands and designers behind your clothes is a unique privilege.


This is a global project that brings you exciting new fashion from cities and countries around the world – From Accra, Ghana and Manila, Philippines to London, United Kingdom, Brooklyn New York and Berlin, Germany. Each region has a team of curators whose goal it is to bring the best collections to Runway Passport where you can learn about the designs, shop pieces directly from the designers, and even get a peek behind the scenes at shoots and runway shows.


What’s so powerful about this process is that it puts us back in touch with not only the development of our own personal style and the mechanics of the fashion industry, but more broadly, with our consumer habits. It’s easy to lose touch with how much you’re buying, what’s in your closet, and what you actually need when you’re blindly shopping online for disposable fashion that you know won’t last.

So what can you expect to find on Runway Passport? An online destination where you can shop and discover exciting and unique fashion designers from all over the world. You’ll be amazed by the versatility of the products offered and the attention to details that these designers are putting into their work.

Hand-carved driftwood jewelry made from pieces of wood found on the banks of the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany. Delicate bottles of Moringa oil from Accra, Ghana harvested from small farms that help to support the sustainability of the local economy. Custom, made-to-order, intricate laser cut avant-garde pieces from Athens, Greece.  Hand painted 100% silk scarves from Port au Prince, Haiti that are each a one of a kind piece of art. Beautifully intricate gold leaf jeweled feathered pieces from Mumbai, India utilizing vegan cruelty-free leather. They even offer minimalist menswear separates from Stockholm, Sweden.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Runway Passport and prepare to be impressed!


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